Lyrics to Give It All
Give It All Video:
Wake up every morning and I know
These niggas gone hate
There are to many real but I
Know who fake I can
Only speak for me I don't know
About you they can
Hate all day but I bet I
Pull threw cause bitch
I give it all
Bitch I give it all
If I die tommorow or
Even if I fall I know
In my heart that nigga
Gave it all so bitch
I give it all

Every part for every dime
Every thing riding on me
I can't fumble this time
Bendin over backwards
For my family I strive
Use to do this shit for fun
Now I do it to survive

Dreams of my life only
Wanted to achive children
In this world my only option
Is to concive

In line for the trone mutherfucker
I'm next but it been some pot holes
In this road to success
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