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Increase Mather told her daddy,
"I roundly disagree with you,
Your vocal style's too preachy
All the yokels mock your teaching"
But Cotton, he was just oblivious
To all their cutting pleas

Soon, the townfolk took to it
In every pew, they looked to him
For guidance just like eyeless lambs
Awaiting that old kebab stand
As skeptics formed, a nation's born
Wants to have at Cotton's tree
But Increase had the map to them
They burned on open fires

So the word spread just like smallpox in the Sudan...

The gentry cried,
"Give it a day" (6x)

Years and years have passed
Since the Puritans invaded our soul
Just like those evil terrorists
You'll never know
But today the gods can make us quake
We see our lives as situations
Eyes are eyes and teeth are teeth
Well, mine are rotten underneath

I got two ways you can separate from the clan...

If I could fly
I could fly

I hope you profited from this bulletin
And it stabilized your land
Your gentrified, your Alzheim' clan
But your father is another one of 'em
I don't wanna mention him again
'Cause I talked to him last night
He hates my guts, we had a fight
And he called you a slut

Girl, why's that, what did you do to him...

To make him think,
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