Lyrics to Girlfriend
Girlfriend Video:
Sittin´at a friend´s house,
Waitin´for another day to end.
I´ve got a little thing for you,
I think you know what´s goin´on.
Standin´at the bus stop,
Waitin´for the next stop,baby,
But you´re not around.

Looking at the big clock,
Heart is going tic-toc,
Maybe,maybe this is the one.

If I was your girlfriend I´d never let you down,
Like a best friend I´d always be around.
My love would never end,
You´d never have enough of the things we could do.
If I was your girlfriend.

Sittin´in my room all day jsut daydreamin´of you.
I can feel the teardrop,
You can make my heart stop,baby,
When I think about you.


Don´t know how long to wait for you to hold me in your arms,
I don´t wanna be brokenhearted,
So take me to the Promised Land.

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