Girl Wanna Kill Herself Lyrics

Kool Keith

The Personal Album

Lyrics to Girl Wanna Kill Herself
Girl Wanna Kill Herself Video:
[Kool Keith:]
Yeah, that's real (I've got all the candles lit)
Kool Keith baby, from the Bronx, New York
You know I miss you right?
I really care about you, more than any other woman in the world
This is what I really like to do
(I've got all the candles lit)

Girl I'ma hold you, let you know
I'm the one... to give you the delicate fun
What is it like to look under the candlelight wit'cha hair done?
Baby you outta sight, jeans are tight
He'll hit you in the eye I'm sorry to hear that
You and your man had a fight, hold your head up don't cry
Everything's gonna be alright, you said it was violent and domestic
The tenth time you got him arrested
You used to look better than that, your black eyes got affected
The cops by your apartment neighbors hear you in the argument
You think it's you and nobody, know where your lover went
Ever since, he broke your arm
Your right rib cage, girl you're somethin else
Let me make a cup of coffee
Here's some hot chocolate, off the shelf
You're nervous, stop shakin, grab ahold of yourself
Everytime you call me you wanna kill yourself
Overtakin prescription, this ain't no science fiction
Girl wanna kill herself

[Chorus: Keith singing]
The girl wanna kill herself [x2]

[Kool Keith:]
Girl wanna kill herself (I've got all the candles lit) brain by the window
Your body hurt with pain you hide from the police department
Callin us every night when he sleep
Let a man in front of your kids beat you up on the brain
He drove you to drugs like a battered woman takin novacaine
Some guy, that keep you in the basement like a dog on a chain
Scared you to death, now you look at everybody strange
Detectives put they head down, it's like workin with a puppet on a string
Your girlfriends complain, 'Tisha say you got blood all over your thangs
You handlin what you did, you slept with him for diamond rings
Circles around your eyes, look like pies
You wanna overdose, stop tellin us lies
The girl wanna kill herself

The girl wanna kill herself (I've got all the candles lit)
Girl wanna kill herself
Girl wanna kill herself, girl wanna kill herself
The girl wanna kill herself (I've got all the candles lit)
Baby don't kill yourself, cause I need you
I know you've been goin crazy
I'ma be there for you, you know I'm your psychiatrist
I just don't want you to kill yourself
Cause you hurt me when you do that
The girl wanna kill herself
She wants to kill herself
The girl wanna kill herselllllllllf
Don't kill yourself... [fades]
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