Lyrics to Girl Gone Astray
Girl Gone Astray Video:
A friend called me just the other day

She told me she was expecting

I said "What do you mean"?

As if I didn't know

I couldn't accept the truth

That she was no longer free

Now I know

I'll never see her again

Now I know

I lost a real good friend

Now I know

Our love was not meant to be

Now I know

I'll live in misery

What did she do?

What did she say to make me feel this way?

I don't know

I don't know

Why I have these feelings

I don't know

If she could tell I was grieving

I don't know

Why I have these feelings for a

Girl Gone Astray

I wanted to ask if we could keep in touch

But I didn't know if I'd be asking too much

She was going to marry her new boyfriend

I found it tough to pretend

That I was happy for her
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