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Always schemin' to make real my dreamin' Oh, since my conscience ?? Run and hide, live a lie Never cry, I got devil eyes All I despise, quick to criticize I want it all and I want it now Solitude and sin Calm my nerves with gin Sleep, wake up, and do it all again And damn all else, for the wealth I'll be detrimental to myself Mental justification, I got no patience I want to give, so I guess it's time for takin' [1] - If we're livin' in the land of milk and honey Then gimme, gimme, gimme my money, money, money And don't blame me cuz ain't a damn thing funny And gimme, gimme, gimme my money, money, money [Repeat 1] [Rapping:] I caught greed, visions of diamonds in my sleep Blue streak, everything else lookin' bleak Slither, slidin', ridin', hidin' from correction Got ya detection, get in it like direction Snake persona So much heat around me, feels like a sauna I wanna have the kinda loot it takes to bone Madonna I get the discount, five finger always Eyes glazed, hide from the sun rays Decept a con, you won't see me comin' like the Clinton scandal Can't hold a candle to what I've handled I live beneath the earth's crust, next to the mantle Feed my addiction, from other people's property I have no choice in this democracy Thieve, deceive, violate, accumulate, put all in real estate Spend the rest on dope and vegetate Cuz I'm already fuckin' jive and the maid I want the goddamn cake [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] [Singing:] Thievery has never been a novelty Nothin' glamorous about poverty Skinny guy licks his lips at the bakery Frivolous ways make the poor man angry And life's a battle, and life's a bitch And there ain't one honest man that's rich He gotta catch, he gotta hitch The pretty package, the big-top with a sales pitch And I fall for it everytime And still that mutha-fucka wants mine This whole system was made so I can make it better I want to give, so I guess it's time for takin' [Repeat 1 to fade]

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