Lyrics to Giant Asteroid
Giant Asteroid Video:
Giant Asteroid, coming in from outer space wil the people look the other way.
What were they looking for?
Killing each other over faith.
What a bunc of stupid idiots.
Giant asteroid is not angry.
Giant asteroid is gigantic.
Better hurry up.
Time is nearly running out.
The universe is big and dangerous.
Theres so much more out there.
What a really giant place.
We're like children this is serious.
No use in runnin round baby,theres no place to hide.
You should have tried to stop.
Whats about to collide.
Poor space alien, your all damned cause you're not saved.
100 million to the power 10.
Thats an awful lot of them,inferno filled up to the brim.
Theres more facts in science fiction.
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