Ghosts Behind My Door Lyrics


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Lyrics to Ghosts Behind My Door
being back to my sacred land
the day is coming to an end
leaving the world behind the fence
believing in 'new day, new chance'

resting restless between my walls
waiting for the pervasion when night falls
seems that it's already all over town
guessing once more they won't let me down

being enchained by contrary hopes and fears
wasting my strength for fighting back releasing tears
silent voices in my head, nothing else i hear
that's when the ghosts appear

faintly visible they come to me
can't tell them to go away from me
keeping me from what i wanna be
what is it what i don't see?

spirits that i never called
and the noises they unfold
i'm an involuntary host, uncalled
of the unwanted ghosts i hold

whispering voices I don't understand
simple wishes on the other hand
colliding reflections of my crazy mind
hiding solutions that i can't find

facing the ghosts behind my door
getting my feet back on the floor
reconnecting with the spirits inside
until the ghosts will hide

Until the ghosts will hide…

The Ghosts behind my door.

all in all it's just a quest for happiness
chained in repressive doubts less and less
identifying ghost as shadows of my mind
seen as darkness they made me blind

by turning my face back to the light
instead of cursing the black of the night
the dreaded shadows will fall behind and fight
together now with me side by side

until the ghosts will hide…
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