Ghosts Are Good Company Lyrics

The Moldy Peaches

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Lyrics to Ghosts Are Good Company
Ghosts Are Good Company Video:
I would've died
Just to hear voices
Just to see faces
I was so alone

I went deep
Into my graveyards
Found my ghosts there
They're with me still

I can't do this, I can't do that
I can't believe I go so fat
At least ghosts are good company
I can't believe it is so cold
I should get up before I get old
And then I'll change my ways
Before my ways change me

I was afraid
Afraid of the emptiness
Afraid of the silence
Afraid of my ghosts
Now they're here
We can share laughter
Talk about old times
It's not so bad

Now the world
Is suddenly wonderful
And I think:
Hey, I can live here again
Well these ghosts
They will not leave me
But they're the best company
That I've ever had
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