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I cannot take this silence or this constant scenery. Following the road through foggy windows leaves me wondering: am I going anywhere at all? My ship's about to sink. Going home has never felt so wrong. But I know I'll be saying hello to sorrow again. And through all this agony I know I'll survive as long as those I love are by my side. 18 years have led to this and now there's no turning back. I'm giving up everything, all my sorrow and my regret. In this gray ghost weather I've finally found my place and I'll soon fade away. Tell me a secret. Hold out a hand, lead me to a safer place where I can understand and become a better man.

"'I once told you about a sailor who described drowning to me.'

'Yes, he said it was like going home.'

'I was lying. He said it was agony'"

I'm at the bottom of the world. I'm at the bottom of everything and no one can save me.
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