Lyrics to Ghost Town
Ghost Town Video:
Throat is dry im feeling sick
The towns moving fast
I fucking never feel like this
I use to be among the crowd
My friends around me
Now im feeling singled out
Fuck, Im feeling blue
Fuck, seems as if I never knew you
Fuck, im stuck between walls
Fuck (maybe) the heat takes a toll...?
Fair-weather friends
Are all that are left
Im alone and my life here is dead
I need to get the fuck out of this town
Memories fade but the heart stays the same
The ghosts of the past will haunt me till I fucking bash my brains
And now,
My heart takes the train
The coals help it to move along
Fast on tracks uncertain
trying to find something new
But I burned all the bridges
And im about to fucking crash and burn
My mind is always overreacting
It's hard to be completely there.
I only stare, and wonder why I am here
Now Im to blind to see that
All I fucking (ever) to do is sit and watch tv
It seems that im losing my mind
But it seems all the answers are impossible to find
Im getting nowhere in this slow fucking town
Everyone around me has slowly moved on
I need to catch the early train wherever it may go
To search for answers that seems impossible to find
(And find myself a home worth calling my own)
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