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Obie Trice

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Lyrics to Ghetto Type Broad
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[Project Pat] She's a freaky young gal a bi-sexual But a hustler though and will sell some snow Wit dat' juicy fat thang I can't let you go What she doing mane wit' all that I bet you know? Baby girl takes dem trips down to Mexico Get dem birds and dat herbs and will see her doe Clock ticks like her brain when she sceme a plot Set playas up for change and recive alot My thang staying on hard make that coochie pop A suck me up til she get the last goocy drop The shake club never had much to offer her A dike broad get none cuz it's boss wit her And it's boss wit' me why you be asking when twirking She don't claim pimp but she'll have ya' working All it's certain she been dere and did dat' Could be corporate lawyer or a hood rat [Chorus: repeat 4X] She's a ghetto type broad and her life was hard catching me wit' the doe and she'll take the charge [ProjectP at] Razor blade in ya mouth green stuff in ya' stuff Philly blunts in ya' purse but dat ain't enough Turning liqor bottles up cha' mane as we dip Turn right turn left each corner take a sip Say wussup to the big pussy click in Hine Park Learna and Leonara and those who got hard Staying down wit your dogs till they let your dogs go Jail house like a dog house dog y'ain't know Everbody need somebody real on there team No letters no visitation make you mean Make you wanna think everybody left you for dead And ya' gal dat' you love out dere giving head What the past don't be thinking bout the things that I did I need money for some commisaries can ya' dig Taking chances with us so we can live Put some rims on my car shoes for the kids [Chorus] - repeat

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