Lyrics to Ghetto Paid
Ghetto Paid Video:
Ooh Yea, Ooh Yea, Ooh Yea Ooh Ooh Ooh Yea Mmmm

[Verse 1:]
I Was Born To The Game When I Was Only A Youngsta
From The Depths Of The Gutta The Hood To Me Straight Under
The Summer Was Just A Betta Time To Soak Up More Game
In The Spot Where The Older Thugs Hang Exploden Them Thangs
Cocaine, But It Keeps My Brother Broken Down Under The Table
Watchin This Shit I Still Get Rich Off Slangin Yayo
Faith Olds My Destiny, Tighten Ha Hands
Fuck Waiten, Im Sixteen, With Potential To Be The Man
Make My Move The Fastest, Grab My Gat From Under My Matress
Moma Ask Me Why Is My Dresser Drewer Filled With Bagies
Tragedy Is Coming, Like A Soilder On Stompen
Bomin On Enimies Screamin Yall Bitches Keep Coming
Unexplainable Charactoristics, Constent Lawer Bussiness
Breaken Up More Cheese For G's, Tryin To Keep From Goin To Prison
Charge Into The Game, While The Game Charge Into My Pocket
Add More Soda To My Roxy, Make Up On The Next Profit

Ima Ghetto Paid Ass Nigga
All About My Money
Doin Wat It Takes
To Keep This Money Comin [x2]

[Verse 2:]
If Looks Could Kill
I'd Probally Be A Dead Ass Nigga
All These Playa Haten Mothafuckers, But Aint Got The Nuts To Pull The Trigger
Want My Figures, U Can Have Em
Sell These Bullets Out My Chrome, If Can You Catch Em
I Dont Think, That Your Dome Will Stay Strong
I Say Fuck The Police Hate To See A Real Nigga On The Streets
Keep My Bussiness Descreat, Cuz Them Piggins Comin In Fleece
Contently, Im Move On Sly, Wise Like A Fox
These Niggas Survive, These Niggas Eyes Closed On My Block
My Lock In This Game, Cant Be Picked
Destin To Be Rich, Callin On Quites Forever True To My Shit
Do You Want To Kno How A Nig Go Broke N Get That Shid Back
Gotta Be A Hustler, E-40 Told You That
Arrest Me For Crack Investments,Try To Be Smart See Cest The Lexus
U Created A Ghetto Monster, Ya Try N Depress Me
Im A Paid Motha Fucker
Damn Write Im Braggin
I Remember How U Bitches Treated Me, Back When I Was Lackin

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Now That Im Free, The Question Is Am I Gone Quite Sellin Dope
Nigga Please, I Was Sellin Dope In The Jail House Hoe
Refuse To Be Broke, Maintain, Got My Game Down Tighter
Ask The People That Was Down When I Was Down, Have My Future Got Brighter
Cant Be Stoped, Cant Be Dropped, Cant Be Knocked Outta Position
From The Bottom To The Top, I Wont Stop Til I Complete My Mission
My Brothas In The Pin, But Ima Hold Dis Shit Down
Lookin For Me, You Can Find Me In One Of The Cashiers In Yo Town
From The East To The West, The North To The South
This For My Ghetto Paid Niggas With Grillz In They Mouth
Plus In Yo Mouth, Slow Suck Yo Nostrill These Enimies Is Fossils
Keep Hater Outa Yo Bussiness, Watch For Feds Cuz They Follow
I Stay Strapped But I Might Help Real Nigga Get On The Street
Here Take This Key And Kill This Bitch Thats Lookin Fo Me
Wat You See Is Wat You Get, Cuz Im All About Figures
Who Am I? I Told You A Ghetto Paid Ass Nigga


[Fade Out]
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