Lyrics to Get Up
Get Up Video:
Il?Shawn:This is Il?Shawn Nigga/Comin straight from tha D wit da ill song nigga/My .45in yo range/You want some pain/Talk yo shit and i?ll blow out yo brains/You can?t fuckwit my flow/It?s like a shell in yo head, it?ll make you go/My rhymes are too hard toorugged and too deep nigga/Don?t try to come up on me and creep nigga/I make yo assGET UP, GET UP, GET UP, and off tha street niggaChorus x2:Get Up, If you don?t know who you fuckin witGet Up, Nigga, You bout to get hitGet Up, Muthafucka, If you wanna live another dayGet Up, And you best not have nuthin to sayHK3:What you niggaz sayin?/Get tha fuck up out that 1600 shorty I aint playin/It?s flashthat thang tyme/Bling Bling tyme/Get up nigga itz game tyme/Hand over the ring, kickover the chain/Stop playin these childish games wit me/Representin the 1-3-1-3dangerously/Nigga Get UPChorus x2ACE: Itz da A-C-E bitch/I grew out da hood/Not a muthafuckin tree bitch/You fuck wit mema/I?ll make you see/That a ho aint a ho and a trick aint a trick til they fuck wit me/ACEall up ya head throwin it down verbally/You lookin kindof squirelly/Cuz you knoweverything that I spit comes from the heart thorolly/So you wanna fuck wit me hoe?/I?llthrow you out da do?/And thats-the-way-you-gots-to go/So Get Up MA!Chorus x2HK3:I make niggaz Get Up cuz they know who the realist/They come throe loud, cuz theyknow they can hear us/They come throe foul, cuz they knoe who tha illest/They comethroe wild, cuz they know whut tha deal is/Fatal 3, bring tha hoes wit us/They thafinest/So much ice on a nigga it?ll blind us/HK3 comin throe in tha 2G/Wit all the ice,bitches, and riches ya?ll niggaz will needChorus til? fade

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