Lyrics to Get That Money
Get That Money Video:
Everybody, everybody in the place to be (yeah)
Put your hands up if you as broke as me
And you try to act fly
But everyone can see
But you've been wearing that shirt for the last 3 weeks
I got to show now
Create my own sound
If you wanna know how
This is why I get down
If you got nothing in your pockets
Try to get that money don't ever stop it

Straight up hustlin
Rhymes that I'm busting
Right out the ghetto
From nothing into something
I spit hot fire so you better pay attention
You get burnt from my lyrical inventions
Be prepared for the storm that I bring
Heavy downpour from Saratoga Springs
Listen up I ain't being funny
You know I got get, gotta get that money

You don't have to worry baby
I've been making money lately
So we don't gots to break up
Cause I can afford to wake up

Watch out now
I got more money
Than I know how to count
I'm still flat broke
My mind says I'm fine
But my wallet says I'm toast
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