Get Some Get Right Lyrics

Mac Dre

Young Black Brotha

Lyrics to Get Some Get Right
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Get some get right - Mac dre

Times r gettin crazy
Times r gettin crazayy x4

Times r gettin crazy, the grind is gettin lazy
so instead of grainin, i got this bitch ta page me
Pockets fat, tha jailors got me strapped cuz ima cold crest creeper wit a gift ta rap
Born in tha O in 1-9-7-0 and ever since then ive been soakin game ho
Now my game is strong, the dollas commin long, not only from a bitch but from a rap song
Suckas stay mac cuz they know im not weak
especially when they hurt me in the 9 oclock beat
From the VPD i steady get harrassed, them dam black n whites said that mothafucka tass??
They steady sweatin me, they aint lettin me live a young life man they smoove rejected me
because a brothas from the black minority
they wanna lock it down in the youth authority
honkey please im bout to stack cheese, flip me a yacht ta cruse the seven seas
a benz with a hump,(benz with a hump) it the beats good,
a drop top jag or a damn fleetwood (UGHHHH!!)
caddie foo a nigga wants ta roll,
straight highside with his pockets swoll
cuz money makes, the world go around
Thats why on the mic (UGH!) you hear me throwin down
(you throwin down?)
i get paid, made, cool in the shade
wit a big fat spliff and a gang of boo-lay
ta get tipsy, or should i say perked
times r gettin crazy im gonna go bizerk
jealous motha fuckas tryna keep me at the bottom
cuz funky fresh rhymes, they know i got em (he got em)
and jealous fools -white out on the 20??
wanna sweat me cuz they broke, man they must be on crimps
sweatin yung brotha only 17, n if u live in the crest mang u know what i mean
they dont want to grow up (why wont u grow up)
shit is makin me sick im bout ta throw up
listen to the games i put in my jamz
cuz times r gettin crazy for a young black man
livin the life, with a felony record
you try to get a job you smoove get rejected
come on my brotha lets get some get right, (get it right)
get it together get yo shit right
cuz times r gettin crazy
times r gettin crazy (times r gettin wha?)
times r gettin crazy (times r gettin wha?)
times r gettin crazayyyy (times r gettin wha?)

Times are gettin crazy
times are gettin crazayy! x4

(ay times r gettin crazy mangg, you didnt hear what he said how many times he gotta say it tho, this boy is dope boy, u know what time it is timez are gettin crazy
ya u kno
ya u kno
times r gettin crazy
i said timez they gettin crazy
time be gettin crazy)
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