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Never Better

Lyrics to Get Smokes
Get Smokes Video:
(feat. Jessy Greene)

Get smokes... we ain't got bodegas, we got gas stations
Choke, steady rock, ready for whatever pops
Split the surface like machete chops
Better lost anyway... okay
Slash fast getaway, crash whatever path
And stop whether it's caskets or gas hits, last drops
I'll stash whatever math I've added in a basket and bury it
You let 'em pull the wool, I pull the chariot
Faster, lungs like California raisins
Singing some type of blues version of "Search and Destroy"
I'm talking Stooges, weathered tissue and bruises
Iggy "Raw", respect or step back, cute is what we aim at
Haha, aww... haha... I'm on some Ichabod Crane raps
Scared of the headless gaps in any audience
Maps exactly where I'm a bucket a whole frame
Knuckles up, the ruler's coming to measure
The rudiments of your struggle by the inches, quit bitching
Keep building, sheep sleep still
Shepherds don't peep dreams, reach till it's real
Thoughts breach seams on a 59/50 clipped bill
Keep the uniform wrecked, trends kill
Necks bend still when I step, bend steel when I flex
Head kneel to the next, near never
No kings ever, nope, sever all that...

Just a hair too abrasive for a nation on soft
Dirty when the style ain't
Bringing that bomb squad density when irate
Digging in the crates full of sodium nitrate
Like this I'll... burn up my fingertips, roof's on fire
Fine, just let me get in and find a good place to sit
It's fucking freezing out, who got a cigarette?
Who's got an 'Ove' Glove and a hard hat for me?
All I got is, dirt on the jeans, ash in the cuffs
Scuffs on the skate highs, keep 'em laughing at us
Trust that I keep [knives] that will land in your guts
If your touch is not welcome, pacified pacifist seldom
Someone took the nook, keep yelling on 'em
No telling what'll happen if you pass the fifth
And keep your flash pasteurized, mines like fresh outa the tit
Ick, Schick sharp, shards for darts, promise of skill
Arms up, guard your heart, f'real
High crime, low art, protect your neck
Face sparks to the... no time to waste
Take down, clowns in the fake crowns
Sound the loud siren, get off my island
Doomtree consume the loose silence
Fill it to the top with the "digguh-digguh-digguh-digguh" live shit
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