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Lyrics to Get Silly (Remix)
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(feat. Soulja Boy, DJ Unk, Polow Da Don)

The dance floor silly the ladies go feel me the fellas in the back and they they twisting up a billie get silly get silly getsilly get silly get silly get get silly

[Verse: V.I.C.]
I am feeling my self with the number 1 single I am feeling my wealth now what u no about me call me mr 08 cause this year about me not a rookie of the year but a major in the
League so hahaha haters get awawy from me.cause I start raying on yo block and ya'll going silly.


[Verse: Soulja Boy]
My chain to silly my watch so dumb only rapper on my space with mo friends than tom one for
The money two for the count riding n a vehicle I can't even pronounce
Sod money game money keep stacking I leaked every song and still went plantnum fruit loop silly candy painted cars
You are a prisoner behind 8 bars.

[Verse: DJ UNK]
You already no ya boy stay up on his buisness the fellas in the back that was me twisting
That billie my charm to silly I keep that grandaddy purp on my my shows that silly everybody
No me from atlanta straght up to philly went from nobody to fortune
Because my fame is silly I can't even even eat without signing my name that's silly I can't even sleep without
Getting me some brain that's silly.


[Verse: Polow Da Don]
All my ladies get silly shake yo double d titys put yo hands in the air
If u a g up in the city a suker try to hit me up I had to get that buster missing
Wait a minute mothersuker than I got a call from billy than I got a call from jack than
Than I got a call from jimmy look like we bout to bot to make a millie
Christina millie you looking preety I'm about to holla cause you up in
My city come on.
Songwriters: Crooms, Michael / Dumas, Jonathan / Wright, Jonathan / Way, Deandre / Crooms, Derrick / Owusu, Victor
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