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Lyrics to Get Out!!!
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You have been chosen because of the physical advantages
You've enjoyed your entire lifetime
With your natural gifts, and our determination
We could both be part of something greater, something perfect

I find myself prayin for 'Ye, that's more than real
His life's a controversial picture by Jordan Peele
It's like, you look in his eyes, it give you that sort of feel
That brother ain't really there, let me try to explore the (?) go
They want me in pocket like Colin before the kneel
My soul is not profit, I guess that I'm forced to heel, huh
Food for thought, say grace before the meal, vacate before the kill
They fates is sort of sealed
And I don't buy the notion that 'Ye's mentally ill
If fame and fortune don't get ya, the evil entities will
(Get out..) got a question, how you got in?
Evr'ybody questionin him, my only question's for Kim
Whatever, hmmm
We ain't cut from the same cloth
My genes is tough as leather, I seem to ruffle feathers
A young man's game, these teens'll trust whoever
So pray for your future son like a baby that rustle treasure
I'll tell ya.. 99% is asleep
The other 1% is too busy bein discreet
Got 99 problems but one ain't bein a sheep
That's lead to an early slaughter by 1% of elite, let's eat
Get out, gotta get out, it's time to get out
"Ran, what's your opinion on this mumble rap?"
If money's talkin my nigga, why would I mumble back?
These young niggas changin they lives, I can't discourage that
It's that or bein dead or in jail, and I ain't judgin that
Why blame the poor black kid? Blame the agenda (why?)
Don't name the one that's offended, name the offender (nah)
Couple things they want you to do, mainly surrender
When you don't, you'll realize that the whole game is against ya
Huh, you think it, but I'ma say it
If everybody rap like Nas, would niggas play it? (would they?)
If Thug did an album like Jay's, would they okay it? (would they?)
If Future had music with message, would you relay it?
Name one thing that I said false
My soul speak to them niggas who let the meds talk
A heathen like Negan, believe I could make the dead walk
You beefin, I'm vegan, I'm squeezin to lift ya head off
Get out, we gots to get out, yeah
I think it's time that we get out..
.. Get out... get out... get out...
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