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Lyrics to Get Out! (Remix)
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(It's 8:05. This is Phyllis in the office.
The Cat is out on the patio, if it jumps one more time,
your butts are in the street. I am sick and tired of your
activities, your cat, and your untruths with me.
I'm gonna call you tomorrow, when your home, and you can explain
some things to me 'cuz I'm tired of your bullshit. Goodnight.)

My place is not a home,
it don't make no difference but I have found,
that I need a place to stay.
I never listen what the landlord man say.
You should've seen the flops in my house.
We were jumping on walls and kicking ceilings.
Now a days people listen to me, when I say.."GET OUT!"

(they're driving me fucking crazy over here chief,
I gotta get rid of these fruitcakes.)

Hold me and don't let go.
It don't make no difference that your a ho.
Cause I need a place to stay.
A new disease was just the price I paid.
In days of old that how it used to be, oh yes indeed.
That girl is dead to me now and I say ....

[kick ass cuttin' & scratching]

So let the lovin take a hold over me,
Let the lovin take a hold over me.
(Long Beach Posse)
Cause all I see is your fussin' and fightin'
1992 so lets all start uniting.
Put your hands together be the best you can be,
Let this jam take us to 1993.
Stay positive and the love will come back to me.

But some jealous punk, snuck up around the back,
tried to take the lovin' over me.
Oh, I got into a fist fight and wound up in jail all night.
[more monster scratching]
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