Lyrics to Get On Bad
Get On Bad Video:
Girl wait till we all alone mr jhonny gonna make you want to scream and moan him gonna get on baad giving loving like you never had
Girl wait till were all alone and mr jhonny get fully blown him gonna get on baad give you some sex like you never had

Here comes jhonny a dat me tell you say me tell ali and she eva promise me say she ago gimmie di tingy she know say me no licky licky me jus take in a belly me make gyal pickinee get mad tell dem fi cock up a dat me can give you da betta cut insert me baggup paulin serious pum pum genious wit gyal me no skin out make me take dis to another level gyal me sittin big like a bottle you want your umm fi wackle jus run come tackle

Its trivial wat don say bout karen wen she kiss him pan him head him rise like a lion den a murda come call me make me push it little further cause work like a dis ya neva hurd of
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