Get My Shit Off Lyrics


Rare and Unreleased

Lyrics to Get My Shit Off
Get My Shit Off Video:
This beat is like you just walking in place like this
Let me try to get through this here...
Y'all wanna take my life, then come and get it
I'm so committed to street life, sometimes I don't sleep
If y'all ain't ready to die my advice would be to
Back up and live, cause the fact of this is
I keep .44s in the sky,
mind on my money
Nigga, I'm so for real, I hope you're not finding this
funny, nah
Live everyday like my last, fast money
Fast cars,
fast temper,
draw down faster than y'all
I got to get my shit off, I came from nothin'
But pop's dick, mom's egg,
hungry like a hostage
With every step that I take I use my hood sense
Study my footprints, learn from my mistakes
I'm much braver than most, got the heart of ghost
I was born dead, baby, my life is all gravy
Reporting live from the ROC, I rep for my set
Till the date of my death, I will die for my block
I gotta get my shit off (get off, get off)
Get off my ass and get about that cash
I gotta get my shit off (get off, get off)
Live everyday like my last, like death's approaching fast
Gotta get my shit off (shit off! get off, get off)
Get off my ass and get about my cash
Gotta get my shit off (shit off! shit off! shit off!)
Live everyday like my last...
If there was heaven above us, I was living in hell
My neighborhood was the roughest, I never complained
I just adjusted my game, pushed 20s of 'caine
Bush and Reagen couldn't stop me from makin'
I wish I could dream about being a lawyer
But I had dealers in my hallway, death around the corner
Couldn't tell right from wrong,
pimps will spoil you
Give you dollars for errands when nobody was carin'
I got to get my shit off, it rang true every time
I heard it or every time somebody got murdered
We pour liquor on the curb until the cement stain
I cried enough tears from my eyes to equal 3-inch rain
Motherfuckers, I deserve it when I be in the Range
I copped them uncut stones that be freezing the chain
I done been through enough shit to make you pee in your
Man, I'm sorry if we ain't seeing them same, I seen it rain
That's why I give you my up and downs, my pain, my passion,
my pleasure
My good and bad times, niggas, my whatever
My hopes and dreams, blood, tears and sweat
My version of R. Kelly, this is a nigga's threat
My life is an open book, nigga, I hope you took from it
Whatever works for you,
I was put on this earth to move
Mountains, I think, I'm almost sure
But I've been smoking a lot lately,
not counting my drinks
I got to get my shit off, for that I'm certain
That's why it's less than 8 months, I am back to work
Nigga, I'm clear, I done seen my cupboards bare
Heard money mentioned in my mother's prayer
Had nights my stomach filled up with nothing but air
Got 10 dollars to eat for 4 of us to share
That's why Hov act like that, quick to snap
Mac-11 ready,
I ain't going back
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