Lyrics to Get It Right
Get It Right Video:
So many are called
But few choose right
It all comes down to this
With the stirring inside
And I will not miss
Your plans for my life

So long now to the former days
I about lost my sight
But I found my way
Now I gotta get it right
Gotta get it right
I was slipping away to the other side and I
Gotta get it right
Gotta get it right
It's my destiny

I have had enough
Of mediocrity
It was pulling me apart
I was busting at the seams
Because of what you place inside
Needed to get out
Your fire in my life
Smoked out my doubt

So tear down the walls that blind my heart
Awaken me and make a brand new start
Cause I believe every word You said
So I will follow everything You said
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