Lyrics to Get It Going
Get It Going Video:
It's been a long time since the sound I know
Something that I can't let go
I've found a way to let it out and breathe
Life back into what I need
Is it back in the day?
Or was it all in my head?
Or did I push this too far away
That I don't know what I just said
So I just picked up this thing that I can't even play
I'll take these sticks that I've held up for 16 years away
Because there's things that I've left
Out in cold lonely air
That I need to send home
And I know
I didn't get this way on my own
Bred in deep
Countless nights
That I'd sit alone staring at the walls
Memorizing every insert sheet
Just trying repeat my heroes
So many times I swear my throat would (bleed)
Not sure where it's headed
Don't you forget that
It's my life now
I've got to get it going
I know we'll fight through this
Make sure not to let it
Get away from you
Because I know you're
A little bit lost and I know you're scared
Will it all break down when you're unprepared
To get this feeling I can't explain
And I've known all of my life
I've got all of my friends right here
And believe me this is where I want to be
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