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Street Life

Lyrics to Get In 2 It
Get In 2 It Video:
Boy you done fucked up now
Boy .....

All I know you better duck when I blast run when I pass (and get somewhere)
Come up with my cash I'ma up and get mask (and get somewhere)
Take what I'm owed I'ma have to unload (the ??)
Re-stock the rifles ?? (cause I'm street with it)
Never be punked keep one in the trunk (my deadly assassin)
Get to jumping the skunk Mr Whomp (and I'm acting bad)
Loaded and full don't try none of that bull (2 steps to the head)
Go on and pull ?? (they'll find you dead)
Down in the south claiming the heat (let 'em bleed)
Going to get bucked and not give a fuck (where its ass bleed)
This ain't just words and I damn sure can't fake it
What I'm trying to say is you a coward and you might not make it

So what we got to do to get into it
What we got to do to get into it
Boy thinking we can do it

[Mia X]
Now we can flip anything that I front ya
You say nigga I ride before you bring mine's
I'ma leave yours outlined in chalk
And if you talk to them f-e-d's
Like the street code homie then the catfish are hungry
Too many phony mothafuckas try to step in the circle
Don't you know TRU bitches will hurt you
Break your shirt too Mia X (Mama Drama)
coming and swinging at dumb hoe beaters
Right and left will crush you attitude adjuster
Fuck get ready for war nigga send them on in
Cause I got more guts than nare ??
I fears no man or woman and kin after them
My gat retracts at them reacts and claps at them

[Chorus: x4]

Now I done seen your kind before you walked that line before
Plenty niggaz talking they sticking ass out ??
I don't hide from my hoes bitch I meet 'em where I tell 'em
And let the results be 3 days and you'll smell 'em
I can't give a nigga the satifaction of altercation
Miscommunication got his ass with a bang face
Chasing mothafuckas up the block if I have to
Don't think that I won't smack you or bitch slap you
With something filthy I bought for the dark
6 shot ghetto hot so I can't be caught
Look I fuck with 'em I let the bulldog talk to 'em
Don't got the pedigree of a g until it bark to 'em
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