Lyrics to Get High, See No One
Get High, See No One Video:
I'm building my trust in other people back up
It got shot to shit by circumstance and falling out of love
I'll be your scabby prince charming losing buttons on my shirt
because all night I've been harming myself and my world

You're just a voice on the phone
we're both in our respective homes and
between us lies the Great Australian Bight
so I'll get high and see no one
everything should stop when you are gone
between us lies the Great Australian Bight

And it's one a.m here, it's even later where I'm from
alcohol and time differences they never got along
and tonight I felt love like I've never felt before
down the hall to your old bedroom I stumble against the wall

So please love me now if you'll ever love me at all
and I'll do my best to get nice, to get clean, to get normal
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