Lyrics to Get Cryptic
Get Cryptic Video:
Get traumatized, so close to sympathy and don't forget to wear your heart on your sleeve. like the bleeding hearts like the vampires like the ideiots who look just like me. so much is useless here. it's no surprise at all when a hollow ache has taken hold. i'm so bored of wide eyes anyway. i'm not the one who needs this. this seems so sick to me. count back from ten to one and prepare for emergency. so i guess it's either sink or swim and i just can't tread water anymore, this ocean is filling up. a mouth of gravel for the dead on the shore, so what? my teeth are broken, so what? i'll swallow some blood. bring on countless complains. we will hear the clatter of open jaws. feel the flood of insistence that it's not just inane catastrophes in our pathetic lives. still alive!...we are the ugliest things. we are moved to ears. sigh, victimized again and again. this is what you want and i want for you. but i don't feel a thing

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