Lyrics to Get A Life
Get A Life Video:
You spend three days telling us we're gay
You claim we're fake and nobody likes The Who-Dey
If you can do it better than we'd love to hear you try
But we know that you can't so shut your mouth and get a life

?The Who-Dey aint music, you just a bunch of losers
The fame, your gonna lose it, your fans are gonna boo ya
Noobs, learn how to play guitar and sing too
Cause nobody wants to hear a chant about how to shoot
Never touch my nuts cause I know you wanted to?
Yeah we hear it all the time, it aint nothing new
If you don't like what we do, then that's too bad
But you know your missing out, this is more than a fad
And it's sad that you have the time to be mad
And try to tell us that we suck, that it takes nothing to rap
If you can make music then we'd like to hear it
We all know you can't so just sit back and cheer us
Fear us like you know you do, you won't come near us
A lotta talk, no walk, your expiration date is nearing
You best be quick on ya feet, cause if we see you on the street
If we ever happen to meet, you'll regret this beef


African chants is what you think about rap
Your passing a chance to cash in on this crap
If you paid attention in class or had any common sense
You would know that this is music, so you wouldn't spend
Three long day to tell us we're gay
Get a life man, and maybe lose some weight
But wait, you cant, your too damn fat
You're a lazy punk ass and your afraid of moving fast
Maybe that's why you don't get it, why you hate rap
We talk to fast, so you can't understand
How bout I slow it down, can you catch up now
Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth
You try to take us down, but who's behind ya?
This is a Who Dey town, nobody's gonna try ta
Make us look bad cause we'll set them on fire


Hate it or love it, the underdogs on top
Nobody thought that we could get so hot
Started off simple, then we blew up
Everybody loves us, you're just screwed up
Chewed up is what your gonna be soon enough
For booing us, its true enough, you think you're tough
not many people can say they dislike us
you alone on your own boat tryna to fight us
From DC to LA we got supporters
and no shortage of fans in Portage, we keep getting orders
Tapes and CD's, can you see deez peeps?
Wanting to get their music from the Who-Dey heat
It sweet, when people come up to greet
Ask about the next CD hows its gonna be
when it comes out, and who stole the cookies
cant you see everybody buyin into the hype
everybody knows just how tight we are
So don't even try to fight it, just go play your guitar

(chorus) x2
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