Lyrics to Germany
Germany Video:
I don't wanna go home.
I wanna go the world around, see the ocean and all of its green.
I don't wanna be sad.
I'm sick of it, I want something to come and take my pain away for good.
I don't wanna be American.
I want to be in Germany and wrap my head around this evil state.

I'll revolt against all disease and every single one of these restraints.

ANd if I go to the forest,
I'll grow my beard out long,
and I'll be free for once.

And I'll incite the masses,
I'll brand the moral code,
for all the poor to see.

I don't wanna give in,
I wanna fight and die and bleed and exponentially survive.

I dont want to wear lace,
and pump my veins with wax, while all my friends gawk and stare at my pale face.

I just wanna grow,
grow up and be in green hills in western europe, catching rabbits and herding sheep.
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