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Mornin', Mrs. Campbell Lovely day today I heard about the fire I wonder what the papers say Let's see now: Give me fifty shotgun shells And a hundred feet of rope Just add that to my bill Says here there ain't no hope They all were burned alive And four packs of cigarettes No, I think I'll make it five I heard about the wedding I'm so happy for the bride Why that fire house looked mighty nice And the whole town swelled with pride We've watched her grow to womanhood She's found an upright man She'll learn this life ain't easy You do the best you can No, no, my family ain't so good My wife just had a spell And I can't afford the medicine She needs to make her well I've been laid off at that factory For sixteen months or more I came home last Wednesday evenin' I found her lyin' on the floor Bye now, Mrs. Campbell Say howdy to your son You can tell him we'll go huntin' When he gets a bigger gun It was too bad about that fire But don't you get me wrong We've gotta teach these people How to stay where they belong

Songwriters: MCLEAN, DON
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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