Lyrics to Geez To Get
Geez To Get Video:
(feat. Killa Tay, Cosmo, The Commissiona)

[Verse 1]
[Killa Tay]
Whoever took the wrong path, 28 havin long cash
Tired of goin past my baby boy growin fast
Look in his eyes I know he ready to ride
With homicide on his mind cuz ain't no peace to find
I'm on the front line battlin demons with verbal weapons
With my heat release I see 'em runnin for protection
No question, I do the checkin with perfection
I stay clockin G's got the trees for the section
Incredible not, that nigga Sean T lace the beats
And now we comin with enough game to change the streets
And I ain't trippin off the fame it's all the same to me
I need my money cuz nothin in life came for free
I used to life the thug life and pack a chrome
Hustled 24/7 'till my sac was gone
Little kids on my block gettin blasted on
But it's a cold world baby and we all shady
White man tryin to tell me I'm crazy and lock me up
Got me fucked up with both hands cuffed
Feelin stuck, 'till my heartbeat cease I'm reppin C-Fold
Nothin to live for, so much to die for livin the life of a psycho

[The Commissiona]
Until I speak of the truth I feel a mil ticket's gettin closer
The Gambino's nigga we certified souljah's
I been laced in the game back in the late 80's
And now it's the year 2001
Some crucial on frontline, tryin to stay away from one time
Ridin off into the sunset
You taught your whole dealy and come to the game tryin to compete with us
Or ride with us we leavin niggaz speechless
Speak in the heat of all speeches
We 30 deep in this game, we hustle hard and got G's to gain
Make a large amount of paper nigga larger than life
Behind this click nigga The Commissiona I got geez to get

[Chorus x2: JT The Bigga Figga]
I got geez to get, P's to flip
Turned off my phone cuz it's hot as a bitch
I know they watchin on the block but I couldn't beleive
When the homies try to tell on me

[Verse 2]
We makin moves, my team too strong we can't lose
Head up against the world take a walk in my shoes
And you gon' see why I act this way
Gettin Low with some real G's stackin the pay
I'm wakin up fresh off the flight, still hung over from last night
Nothin on my mind but the grind and gettin my cash right
And my vision, I got plots and plans for multimillions
So I can go cop a new Benz when I get the feelin
Makin a killin, off this here rap that I'm dealin
With my cash stacked up to the ceiling
I'm gettin money rockin more bottles and gold lynch to hang to my balls
Dip in act flip stacks to pay for my dogs
That got lost in this cold life
I got tired of workin cold nights and hangin on the block with no fight
I'm thinkin that I might get, slapped and jacked
Facin 25 to a L what type of life is that
I know the shit wasn't meant for me
I'm Young Pachino born floss on you bitches, ballin with Gambino's
Who got nothin to lose
Grabbin my dick, flippin off the world clutchin my tools, make ya lose

[JT The Bigga Figga]
This California lifestyle was dope by the Pound
My nigga wild when it's high profile
We through the aisles, checkin for Beamer's and Benz's
Searcher in this, for the right one took a strike 'em it's kinda nice son
Cuz we the tight ones, collar poppin to get the pesos
Sacks of dego, stack the cheddar just like the Lego
About to take ov'
We need to reach for your profile and, platinum medallion
Steppin out spaceships with stallions
Next turn your eyes glance up at the bosses
Niggaz is cautious, of these hataz they see us flossin
Camouflage my souljah's sit in a garage
Tinted, my niggaz in it with 2 more guys
I got the mind of a hustler, a tongue of a pimp
Keep my mind on my money gotta ride for the click
We certified from the rap game known to keep it crack game
West Coast Mafia nigga sittin on stacks mayn

[Chorus x4: JT The Bigga Figga]
I got geez to get, P's to flip
Turned off my phone cuz it's hot as a bitch
I know they watchin on the block but I couldn't beleive
When the homies try to tell on me
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