Lyrics to Gaza
Gaza Video:
ain't no such thing as a bystander
when nobody walks by walks by walks by
ain't no such thing as a bikerider
cause everybody can fly can fly can fly
ain't no such thing as innocent lives
when they bombbomb the people sayin' they should'a survived
ain't no such thing as inaudible cries
when the victims do die do die do die

oh, if this brings hope, drown me with despair
if this means change, why's it the same over there?
if this ain't our business, how's the money spent?
and if this ain't war, what's the intent?
they got no lifeboat and you know they can't swim
we ain't bystanders but we seen them thrown in

they dig a grave to hide the human debris
but too many have died and no hole is that deep
they think they'll find the answer in a pharmacy
they want a syringe to dry the gaza sea
but they built a wall, we gotta tear it down
and if the world is silent we're all gonna drown
so c'mon, hussein, you're supposed to be real
we got today's apartheid, tell me how you feel...

oh, cause this ain't hope, i'm drownin' in despair
true, this is change, it's gettin' worse over there
this is my business, we pay for their guns
then we shake our heads as they load them up
you blocked their lifeboat, cut their legs, they can't swim
you could save them all, but you plead the 5th...

you just plead the 5th.
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