Lyrics to Gattaca
Gattaca Video:
he read until he knew the planets back and forth
his parents said,
"that's not what he was put here for."
and he tried to find a way to put perfection aside
but life is always hard when everyone is putting you down
these are days when your baby is born genetically perfect
blonde hair and blue eyes
(the perfect heartbeat)
they'll see with nothing less than a perfect 20 / 20
they will be whoever they wanted to be
he swam until he lost direction of the shore
his perfect brother, he had never lost before
and he found the friend
the kind you give your own blood for
and she found the kind of friend
the kind you wait your whole life for. no regrets
he wanted it so bad he could taste it
they never suspected a thing
and that's something that carries a sense of pride and accomplishment
a reason to live
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