Lyrics to Gate Shut Panic
Gate Shut Panic Video:
A sunny da, the 5th of May on the Dam Square
Among the crowd, a harmless shout caused mass despair
And they all started running
Afraid their world was coming to an end so soon

When the gates close, that's the end of all you know
Out of time to make amends, let alone sense out of it all
When the gates close, that's just the way it goes

For bargain rates, for Mary Kate or for a prayer
With finance, romance and religion be aware
'Cause when the last chance's nearing
Stamping feet you'll be hearing, then, where's your master plan?

When everyone starts running for protection
And panic's the most natural reaction
It's best to expect there are no heroes
Maybe it's a part of our condition
To reach for the leftover ammunition
To use what's at hand as a stepping store
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