Lyrics to Gasp
Gasp Video:
Is he still alive? can you hear his breath? what i'd like to hear is just the rotten truth...that this horse is dead. beaten to the end. what time was ours? and is that time still for sale? i'll pay in wasted years. i'll pay in wasted breath. welcome to a ghost town family. wlecome to an empty chest. find the rhythem of retracting claws and gnashing teeth. pulsing beneath a shallow smile. i've danced to it for years. a camera broken and never fixed...focus and paralysis. know why? know why? it never worked before. time has fucked us, peedled paint off walls. daughters we didn't know at all. so goodbye. let's take it to the grave. my hair will turn start white, and that's the best i can do for blood like you. let's home it's enough cause my god how the walls will take when they think they're all alone. but i've been here every year watching us get old

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