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Lyrics to Gaslighting
Gaslighting Video:
Fragile, frail and dazed
This world burns in mysterious ways,
Aggression deemed protection
Has got us up in arms again.
Neo-conned by the GOP?
Our new manifest destiny.
Trapped in the echo chamber
Both sides of the aisle
Have us assuming
That only under shadow of our flag
Can you be human

Scared, we crawl
Distortion echoes, bouncing off the walls
Only the hollow resonate
With their narrow list of choices.
We're setting sail
But we've missed the boat.

You can rebuild Baghdad
And make her our clone
And let their children think they're free
Just like we tell our own.

Evangelize every eastern mind
Until all men pray to the dollar sign.
Around every corner,
I see us getting lost,
Getting damaged,
Hanged in the imbalance,
Sucked into the vacuum of your occupation.
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