Lyrics to Gangsta Rap Syndrome
Gangsta Rap Syndrome Video:
Awhat drop the beat, Awhat, bring the heat,
Extra Kool, Dirty Lab, left them standing
In defeat, Awaht drop the beat, Awhat bring
The heat, the snuggle bunny's into something,
Let me show you what I mean...

[Verse 1:]
I got that Tupac syndrome, I guess I was born
To be famous, watch me paint my head in legacy,
It's a curse to be nameless, I'm a costume
Diamond ring, watch the world fall in love,
Catching slugs in my sleep, open eyes to fame
And thugs, I'm just a worthless individual,
Let's watch the kids stop and worship me, show
Them how to kill each other, rape there women
And slay there enemy's, I'm just a forty five
Son, serial numbers unattached, running bitches
To the ground, stacking riches to the max, I am
The hand that rocks the cradle, I run this world
Like it's mine, I am everything you want, I'm
The greatest of all time...

[Bridge 1:]
I am everything you want, I am everything you
Need, I am everything you want, I made the masses
Shed a tear, so don't front like you don't like me,
I got a chest full of led, cause some kid tried
To smite me... [x2]

[Bridge 2:]
I'm gonna steal your kids, and show them how to
Pack guns [x3] I'm gonna steal your kids...


[Verse 2:]
I got that bullet hole syndrome, I guess I was
Born to be taken, I lived my life extra pretty,
Hopeless crooks have been forsaken, now my name
Is twice as big, you wear my image on your chest,
My whole life takes your money, and now your kids
Are all depressed, all aboard the false prophet,
You read to deeply into my lines, I made the masses
Shed a there tears, I am the greatest of all time...

[Bridge 1]
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