Lyrics to Gangsta
Gangsta Video:
Detroit in last minute
Yeah, to all my Hill
Yeah everybody out there
Ya know what I mean?
Rock that
Rock that
("Gangstas") shit, shit, shit
("Gangstas") shit, shit, shit
Rock that
("Gangstas") shit, shit, shit
("Gangstas") shit, shit, shit

[Verse 1 - Joe Beast]
Do no shit talkin'
Sprayin' niggas up when that clip poppin'
On the west with the (gangstas),
they Crip walkin'
Glock pistol grip, custom fit coffins
Niggas is rollin' they shit, blunt coughin'
Nigga is you (gangsta) or just talkin'
Them ill hill niggas, do this shit often
From my project bricks to Compton
We original (gangstas)
and really ass critical (gangstas)
Now you hit lookin' pitiful, ain't ya?
You ain't no motherfuckin' (gangsta), gangsta
Yo, you got to walk in the shoes of a (gangsta)
And you gotta pay your dues to be a (gangsta)
Yo them niggas make the news, they cause (gangsta)
The bad guy lose, that ain't gangsta ("gangsta")

Yo those Pittsburgh niggas is (gangstas)
Yeah them Chi-town niggas is (gangstas)
Boston niggas is (gangsta)
Yo, Philly niggas they keep it (gangsta)
And them New York niggas they (gangstas)
And them L.A. niggas, yo they (gangstas)
And them ATL niggas, they (gangstas)

[Verse 2 - Joe Beast]
Do you really keep it (gangsta), yeah or is you bluffin'
A real (gangsta) leave a murder scene disgustin'
Where my (gangstas) servin' them fiends hustlin'
Real (gangstas) they ain't hustlin' for nothin'
Is that a (gangsta)? Naw, homey
Them Hill (gangstas) they'll break your jaw homey
Them East coast (gangstas) on that grind
And them West coast, gangbangin' throwin' signs
My down South (gangstas), gettin' crazy pay
Be so (gangsta), throw they gays to your braids
This is for my (gangstas), in the grave
And this is for my (gangstas), locked in the caves
Keep that shit (gangsta), sharpin' up them blades
This is for my (gangstas), on lockdown
And my niggas, got the block locked down
We gangstas niggas, we don't gotta down

[Chorus - Joe Beast]
(Gangsta) gangsta, gangsta, is you or ain't ya
Those (gangstas) gangstas will shoot you or shank ya
They say (gangsta) this gangsta music change ya
But I'm a keep it (gangsta), even if I'm famous

[Verse 3 - Joe Beast]
We don't wet ya'll (gangstas),
so ya'll better respect our (gangstas)
Matter fact you ain't no
motherfuckin' (gangsta), you a car thief
Nigga if you (gangsta), then try to harm me
(Good shit), dog you gonna need a army
Don't have me have to call them niggas from Core Street
They bringin' more heat, come to start a war with Beast
Monsters, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhies
Nigga, I love this gangsta shit
No guns in the pen now shank you quick
Now that's that (gangsta) shit, shit, shit
Joe Beast goin' to the bank with this
Now that's (gangsta), Beast is in
Watch me sloppy Joe off this zero's gin
Go to jail, back out in the streets again
If drop they gun, put the heat to his chin
Now that's

[Chorus - Joe Beast]
(Gangsta) gangsta, gangsta is you or ain't ya
Them (gangstas) gangstas will shot you or shank ya
They say (gangsta) this gangsta music change ya
But I'm a keep it gangsta even I'm famous
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