Lyrics to Gangsta Love
Gangsta Love Video:
Oh oh oh oh oh (yeah yeah yeah) check this out

verse 1:
when she come and pick me up we just be cruisin(cruisin)
riding down p street with the music up loud
system in the back
in the lap oh yeah she get down like that
but from her head down to her toes she's a lady(lady)
she always got my back she never shady (shaady)
she steadily on the grind but i'm always on her mind and she's on miineee

she got that gangsta love
i can't get a enough
when she pick me up she be swervin rollin in a clean old school on them 22's (oh yeah)
why that's with the drop top
you know how she do

she got that gangsta love
i can't get enough
when we hit the club
she be spendin dubs sho' nuff
just like one of my homies
she's my one and only
ghetto gangsta queen
you know how she do

verse 2:
when we hit the club you know we poppin bottles (bottles)
she standin next to me lookin like a model (model) uh
leave dem check, air force ones lookin fresh
and all the fellas are checkin her out
but some of yall fellas stop acting like you can't relate (relate)
cause iv'e been looking for a girl like her for so long
she dont be buggin me, got her own money
thats the type of girl that you need (oh yeah)

chorus 2x

verse 3:
now let me take this time just to tell you
im feeling everythang about you
coke bottle body, love to get naughty
that's why you my shawty

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