Lyrics to Gangsta In Me
Gangsta In Me Video:
Another classic...

[Chorus x2:]
Oh brother you don't know
What you gettin in to
You can't see, the gangsta in me
You don't know
What you gettin in to
You can't see, the angel in me

[Verse 1: Big Chan]
Its time for y'all to vacate the premises
Y'all chickens on shattered dreams, and broken promises
Not only do we mobb shit, the whole click bang on wax
We top doggs, and we came to run thangs, rearrange game
Baby its a West Coast thang till I vanish
Damnit, with a venegence I'm leavin the mic damaged
I'm peepin creepin keepin that pistol close by
So if you bitches think I'm slippin
When I step you hos die
Rest in peace to the departed, don't even start shit
Cause when its time to put in work
By doin some dirt Chan is cold hearted
Now flip my magna script, and trip on the lunatic
And duck, cause when I'm buckin I just flip and fuck who I hit
Uh, I been started that hoodsta, hoodsta shit
Way back when I did pass it on bitch
Now y'all followed like dick to cock
I'm out the Dogg House, and our block is hot

[Chorus x2:]

[Verse 2: Conyiac]
He stay embetted in my palm situation paralus
Lyrical on lawful slaughter whole calabry get crushed
Conyiac mutilatin shake fake niggas and hos
Hard speak threw they Escos(its murder for the next ho)
Get defeated wit slow guns I got cremated intentions
And stand P like demon night, policy no extentions
Where verbal projectiles oppenets get x-ed out
Approach wit lint(in combat we brutal wit contact)
D.Angels entered the torcher and cracked the concrete
We resultin devalations long as clip and big as heat
Did you know nigga what, that the game done took a twist
Cause the Dogg House haffled the noros out the mist
Accoutin heat to retreat fericious please believe
Unseen to my competter, I'm six steps ahead of ya
Ready from the git go, blaw!I let my shit go
Labeled a fatal on very special acts to X.O.

Hey Hey Hey Hey [x15]

[Chorus x2:]

[Verse 3: Kola]
I be that thug, M-I-S-S- open yo chest
Half a bird in my breast pushin weight on the southwest
I be that hoodster, under estimated discuffle clear the surface
When I reach inside my duffle and buffled
I be that loc, repulsive wit the vocals I quote
Wit hit rocks, got yo dick rock ain't even spoke
I be that hard, that bitches wanna serve on south
Scoop ya man cause he said that he can fuck all night
I be that angel, competive strangle
My CEO is a gangsta, thats how we bang ho
Niggas label me a bitch when I smash on they crew
Watch yo duck when I buck bitch I be that too
I be that ridah, niggas ain't just a test
Till I heat em in the cerebral nigga died in his vest
Ultimate in this vocal shit, sick wit this flow
Dogg House represent till I rest, what you don't know

[Chorus x2:]

Hey Hey Hey [x35]
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