Lyrics to Galaxie 500
Galaxie 500 Video:
We got her white from the factory
But daddy had her painted baby blue
She had a red vinyl interior
That burned my legs on summer afternoons
She took us down to Panama City
And we got sand all in the seats
And the year we went out west
She made it up Pike's Peak

I could go anywhere in that automobile
My dreams came true behind the wheel
No road was too long, no mountain too steep
For me and my Galaxie 500

Mama said kids I'll be right back
And left us in the K-Mart parking lot
On the radio we heard the news
In Memphis Dr. King had just been shot
So late that night I sat alone
Feet propped up on the big dashboard
And I cried myself to sleep again
Like every time before

When I came home from school one day
In the driveway sat a Datsun with two doors
And I never told a single soul
How much I missed that Ford

No road was too long, no valley too deep
For me and my Galaxie 500
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