Lyrics to G4L
G4L Video:
[feat. Dj Genius]

All I can Be is the same old G
(Ganster For Life)
All I know is genuine
I be trying to get ahead
I stay on my guillotine
Always getting blow, Simtherine
Patted down with Nines and I keep a 380
Stay with my toy like a lonely lady
Gansta For Life all I know is be amazing
Bitch I go deranged nigga you ain't even crazy
Murdering the beats give me cause for the label
Stallion in my room, sleeping in a stable
Money on the table, choppa in the kitchen
So you can only figure why they scared to wash dishes
You niggas be false, and your life's a factition
Faggot ass pussies they be so suspicious
Observe the game, I feel like I'm what's missing
Me and my click look like an assembly
I am not a trial so you better not try
All this ink on me my body inscribed
Feeling like a chief? is my tribe
On that paper chase, but these niggas out of stride
Money's over all and the hoes to the side
Make this object on my waist make you chacha slide
Mumble number 5 you might want a daffy duck
My delivery special I might need a brown truck
Whenever a nigga hot, I don't give a flying fuck
Everyday is hunting season I get Doe and Buck
Nigga do what I want I'm talkin nips and tucks
Fuck with my Jamaican bitch get shot, hand-cuffed
From the block, muthafucka, chase paper like I got him
Red Star fade, but I'm living like Shot 'em
Feel a real nigga, Bitch I do this for my Daughter
New one on the way so I gotta grind harder
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