Lyrics to G-Funk
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Chorus: G is for the gang of money I make F is for the gang of fools I break U is for the undisputed champ N is 'cause you never gonna get the mic back K is for the niggaz that I knock on they back Damn is feels good to see Long Beach on the map Till the day I'm dead I'm gonna keep that shit real Now you niggaz know G-Funk's for real To those people who don't believe in G-funk Tried to take my style and make a quik buck here's a message to one and all Your pass is revoked Now I'm havin' a blal Any questions come and see me the king of G-Funk the one and only Congratulations you sound like Nate You took my old hook And got me paid Chorus Some people are nothin' but clones Some people have styles of their owm Some people are copycats These people can't get the mic back Can you feel me one-hitter quitters You can't copy me - I'm one in a million Call any expert and you can ask him Copy machines can't copy platinum Chorus When you feel like some cavy G-Funk You need some music to bumb in your trunk I got a baseline, a gangsta tune Put on the classics and your head will be movin' soon Chorus

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