Lyrics to Future Towns
Future Towns Video:
You boarded up the doors
But there was no storm coming
Just a vision in a window
A reflection looking in

You ran your hands along the lines
That reached out over the distance
Then you cut them all away
Until I was just drifting

Now you say that it's too quiet here
I follow you outside
But you keep looking back
Like you left something behind

I took everything that I could get
And spent the rest of the time
Trying to repay it, oh, no...

Send my heart out on the next train
Far from the city that you call my name
Pull my arms through future towns
They're all around

The tracks and the tracks
And the fields and the fields
And the roads and the roads
And the wheels and the wheels

My head is full of empty towns
The heavy air and underground
My heart is wrapped with empty air
It's everywhere
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