Lyrics to Future Rockers
Future Rockers Video:
[uncredited spoken word poet forms the song's intro]
And his quick observation and active brain
made him an ideal agent for gaining information.

People all over the world
They have a right to be free
No matter where you are at
You are in the place to be
I think you should walk to the park
And stand up right next to a tree
Look down at the roots on the ground
And imagine you're standin with me
An apple might fall on yo' head
And you may get a bright idea
That you do not want to be led
You'll climb on your own up that hill
But when you get up to the top
Just don't forget from where you came
Cause you know that it doesn't stop
And you know the name of the game

Future future, future future
Rockers rockers, rockers rockers
Future future, future future
Rockers rockers, rockers rockers

I had the pleasure of finding this treasure
And taking the measure to keep it protected
Jewels are a snake that can be in the wrong hands
That could be deadly we MUST take a stance
Walking on tightropes in thin ice and hot coals
And dancing with demons, and playing the role
Stay in control and don't let them control you
Cause I know they will, if you have no will
That's one of the reasons I came to this planet
To give you some lessons on you being you
It must be us that must enter those gates and
We must know just what to do


First I grab my, weapon then I
Put it away just in case there's foul play
Ready and willin and deadly and makin a killin
A to the L, on to the E
As you can tell, I'm the MC
of the century and of the future
When I execute ya, you'll feel no pain
But you will when you'll be born again and again
Ev-ery seven or eight thousand years
The brain becomes one with the ears
Man becomes one with the sneers
The flesh becomes one with the gears
The circuitry's working, electronic pulse
I am the host so a toast to the boogie

Future future.. rockers rockers
Future future.. rockers rockers

Future future..
Rockers rockers..
Future future..
Rockers rockers
Songwriters: HAYES, EDWIN M. JR. / ELUSIVE,
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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