Lyrics to Future Imperfect
Future Imperfect Video:
The ridicule of justice is proving that you're wrong
To shield your eyes and mute the screen
So you don't know what's going on
Open your eyes now you can see that you're a target of blind hate
And the only thing to understand is who or what's to blame

Sing it loud (Now)

Our lives are television, reality TV
Every single downfall becomes a brand new scene
You can look to a new rebellion to tear down all the walls
But your rebellion is just a product, 15 minutes until downfall

Because we all drown within our lies
And I'm trying to keep my head up but the water's going deep
But we come around and hold on tight
It's time to live our lives
Well this right here is a new sensation
It's here on every TV station
The product is ending your temptation
Well this is a revelation

The product of denial (Now)
The product of our fears (Now)
The product of this terror
Well here is the end of an era
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