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Lyrics to Further Afield
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Are we beyond salvation?
Can't read the runes, can't see
Got lost in the translation
Why, why, why did we?

We're squaring the circle by powers unseen
Undreamt of till we're in between
Reality fades
Your mind in cascades
A soul-steering journey to free
(our souls from the boundary)

We are
To see behind
Out of this world afar
We arrived my friend
A straw in the wind revealed
We're further afield
All we can dream
Where no one has gone before
Where am I?
A vermilion sky
To my naked eye

It's the eleventh hour
It is no mystery
All by sheer will power
Where, where, where are we?

The whys and wherefores, outlandish they are
The alpha and the omega
Wheels within wheels
Nobody feels
Although of sound mind we are
(Over the odds afar)


A trick of the light
A trail-blazing journey astray
The back of beyond
This could be our way

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