Funny Moods Lyrics

Part Time


Lyrics to Funny Moods
Sometimes I am crazy
In my funny moods
Your kisses are soft
Like a breeze that is cool
Your sunshine dries up
All the room in my brain
Girl, you're my rainbow
On my cloudy day

When you were sad
I would sing you my song
The way that I feel that
I had felt for so long
I've waited by phone
Just to wait for your call
I hope you call soon
'Cause they make me wait long

I'm sorry [?]
In a funny mood
I love you so much
Don't know what to do
The way that I feel
Is sometimes is unreal
I'll wait for your love
For a million years

I'm sorry for times
I've been so rude
I have nothin' to blame
Except my funny moods
If you wait for me girl
For just one more day
My funny moods crew
Will sing "I'll go away."
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