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Funny, I've heard that song a thousand times
And it still can make me cry
Just when I thought I had let you go
Something you said comes back once more
Breakin' my heart in two, you do

Oh it's funny, funny I'm still dreamin' of you
It's funny, what a peculiar story to tell
The ones we love we hurt so well...
Oh yeah

Troubled days turn you inside out
Till you got nothing to whisper about
And all you can do is be cruel
Oh it's funny, funny I keep coming back to you

Look at my life like an open book
The chapter of us was my first look
At dreams that really do come true... they do
They just come bending, swaying, singing, and playing the blues

Look at the pages of your open book
What you gave and what you took
Tell me what matters to you

It's funny...
You can build your fortress so strong
But even the greatest have fallen for a love song
Oh it's funny, funny I'm depending on love
Funny I'm depending on you
I could die laughing just thinking of you
Just thinking of you
Thinking of you
â??Cause you're on my mind
Almost all the time
Thinking of you
Thinking of you
Songwriters: MAYER
Publisher: Lyrics © BUG MUSIC
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