Lyrics to Funky Poodle
Funky Poodle Video:
From You, Me and Dupree [SOUNDTRACK]

As I was walking home the other night
Walking past the alley with the flash of the scarlet neon light
A rolls royce pulled up to me a woman said
Sonny have you seen a silver poodle with a ribbon on his head
I thought to myself man shes joking
In this part of town
A poodle could wind up at Burger King
But she looked serious and so I
Said that I thought that I might have
Cuz I was delerious in dire need
of any old bills that she might have
She opened the door and said to come in
offered me a drink and some funny looking powder from her stash
I told her no thanks my mother told me
Don't except a thing from a stranger unless its check or cash
She said who are you not to surrender
A poor kid like you aught to me thankful just being alive
Then she layed down in the back seat and pulled me into her body heat
I thought man this is my lucky day
That was until I thought I heard her say
Funky Funky Funky poodle
Funky Funky Funky poodle
After a while she looked up in a state of shock
Whispered in my ear that she was sorry about the length of my stay
I told her I wasn't going anywhere
Not a least until you compensate for this unjust depravity
What happened here its hard to remember
The next thing I knew
I lay face down in the street all alone
And I hear the pitter pat of little feet
That make their way right over me
The door closed, I looked, they sped away
She was sitting in the back seat with a little gray -
Funky Funky Funky poodle
Funky Funky Funky poodle

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